About Lead Evolve

Lead Evolve's aim is to revolutionise the interaction between the Buyer, the Main Contractor and the Supply Chain in the Construction Sector


By Introducing a series of intuitive and innovative portals covering Tender Search, Tender Management, Supplier Accreditation and Supply Chain Management, Lead Evolve looks to address a fragmented Construction Industry creating an easier tender management process, a visible supply chain on a per project basis and make opportunities more accessible than they have ever been to SME's. In a report prepared by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills the following issues were identified that Lead Evolve looks to address with it's suite of portals.

The construction industry has a large supply chain, almost all of which is sourced within the UK. The sector is characterised by high levels of fragmentation. Analysis carried out has shown that for a ‘typical’ large building project – that is, in the £20 - £25 million range - the main contractor may be directly managing around 70 sub-contracts of which a large proportion are small – £50,000 or less. The emerging findings from the same study identified a number of crucial factors which determine successful delivery of a construction project. These include: early contractor engagement and continuing involvement of the supply chain in design development; strong relations and collaboration with suppliers. The research also identified opportunities for performance enhancement associated with procurement of a large number of small transactions; coordination of multiple trades – particularly at the later stages of project delivery and further improvements in collaboration, design and site management.

Lead Evolves suite of portals provide solutions to each of these elements by providing a more accessible way of procuring and tendering for works with supply chain visibility and accreditations status from the top to the bottom of the supply chain.

Why Choose Lead Evolve?


At Lead Evolve we are experienced in identifying the correct leads for businesses. Ensuring you are working on the correct leads enables you to spend more time working on the leads you really want to convert


We are committed to developing our systems and working with our clients to ensure the correct leads are targeted and identified.


We have a vast knowledge of a wide range of sectors and marketplaces and where and how to identify and source leads for these within these environments for our clients.


We work efficiently in order to maximise the efforts that we put in to sourcing leads and developing new contacts and opportunities

Cost Effective

At Lead Evolve we provide a cost effective solution to your business development needs. Allowing our clients to invest in securing works and not identifying leads


We employ the latest technologies and are continually working to improve our products and services to ensure that we always provide up to date, concise and useful information to our clients.

Our Portals

The Darwin Portal

The Darwin Portal provides businesses from large Main Contractors through to SME's with an intuitive and easy to use dashboard to Search for Tenders & Opportunities, Track Tenders & Opportunities and set up an Alert Profile to notify you of new tenders matching your criteria.

The Fisher Portal

The Fisher Portal is a supplier accreditation portal which allows suppliers to become verified to receive preferential tenders and will serve as the pre-qualification aspect for many of the private tenders within the system. The portal provides alerts when documents are out of date and constantly monitors compliancy.

The Malthus Portal

The Malthus Portal is the buyer portal which provides buyers with access to identify suitable suppliers, check there verification status and send tenders out through the system which are then managed through the system including pricing models, scoring matrices and reverse auctions where required.

The Wallace Portal

The Wallace Portal is a Supply Chain Portal that integrates all of the features of the Lead Evolve Portals so that a buyer can publish a tender, and all sub-contracts can be managed through the same process, allowing the buyer to track the status of their tender and the sub-contractors accreditation status throughout the Life-cycle of each project.